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You. Are. A. Writer.

Writing isn’t easy. Becoming established as a writer is even harder.

This collection of 19 short essays explores the writing life. Each offers tips intended to help new authors find time to write, to hone their craft and to prepare for their first publication.

There’s no magical shortcut to publication. New writers must pay their dues. These essays share practical, encouraging advice to help the next generation of wordsmiths more easily find their literary voice.

Most of the contributors–published authors, themselves–have spoken at the Jot Writers’ Conference, a free annual event in western Michigan emphasizing both the craft and the community of writing.

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Featured Stories

Buried in Sand

“Charlie let the temporal freeze come instantly. The slowing of time was instinctual now. He’d had months in the sanitarium to perfect it. He flipped it on like a light switch as soon as he heard the gunshot. . .”

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“Bases loaded. One out. Top of the twelfth. . .”

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The Time of Dan’s Life

” Mothers weren’t supposed to die. Not this young. Not like this. Dan’s mind kept re-working the problem, but nothing added up. . .”

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A.L. Rogers is an award-winning writer who has published short fiction in Splickety Magazine, Catapult Magazine, on DailyScienceFiction.com and elsewhere. He is a co-founder of the semi-annual event for writers, the Jot Writers Conference. His nonfiction can be found in various places on the web. He’s a husband and a father, and most people call him Andy.


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